Hero's Genesis

Back in the Day

Rustic French castle and exciting local history

After the three intrepid antiheroes were hurled back in time by some deus-ex-machina shit, they got to have a lovely chat with some local French vampire hunters – unfortunately, such men don’t take too kindly to demons either, and decided it was a good time to kill Aiden Cross/Dennis. Fortunately (depending on whose side you’re on), the vamps took this opportunity to attack the distracted hunters, and with the help of the eccentric Dedric Mallory our antagonists escaped. Mr. Mallory informed them that he wanted to help them get back home, but the only way to do this was by getting ahold of the meteor they rode in on. Fortunately, it was nearby. Unfortunately, it was locked in the vampire’s home, Castle Bastille. Fortunately, the dynamic trio is very good at fucking up buildings. Unfortunately, it’s been 8 months, so they probably remember none of this. Fortunately, that’s good because I said some stupid shit I’d like to redact, which is much easier when no one remembers it anyway.



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