Hero's Genesis

Back in the Day
Rustic French castle and exciting local history

After the three intrepid antiheroes were hurled back in time by some deus-ex-machina shit, they got to have a lovely chat with some local French vampire hunters – unfortunately, such men don’t take too kindly to demons either, and decided it was a good time to kill Aiden Cross/Dennis. Fortunately (depending on whose side you’re on), the vamps took this opportunity to attack the distracted hunters, and with the help of the eccentric Dedric Mallory our antagonists escaped. Mr. Mallory informed them that he wanted to help them get back home, but the only way to do this was by getting ahold of the meteor they rode in on. Fortunately, it was nearby. Unfortunately, it was locked in the vampire’s home, Castle Bastille. Fortunately, the dynamic trio is very good at fucking up buildings. Unfortunately, it’s been 8 months, so they probably remember none of this. Fortunately, that’s good because I said some stupid shit I’d like to redact, which is much easier when no one remembers it anyway.


So, guess what. Raven’s in town, and he fucked your shit up.

We Didn't Start The Fire...
But it's always burning

T.I.M, deployed by his benefactor to Shatter, a local dance club, infiltrated the office of Warner Cobrey, entrepenuer and gang leader, where he hoped to find plans for a hydroelectric plant. After an unfortunate altercation that trapped him in the gangster’s desktop computer, he was forced to physically manifest and was subsequently captured by Cobrey’s men.
Professor Grond eventually, after much heavenly prodding, found his student, Tanya Mishov at Good Samaritan Hospital. She had been assaulted by a debt collector, and asked the teacher to bring the man collateral. Charles instead brought money to pay off the loan. He found Cobrey in his office, with the captured T.I.M. After a brief exchange of words and aggression, Grond shifted into his rock form and made short work of security guard O’Donovan. T.I.M incapacitated Cobrey with an electrified kick to the cock. Vinny, one of the other guards, called for reinforcements. They arrived in the form of Brad Fitch, a fiery fellow insistent on burning up the club (literally), and Kaiden Bly, shockingly coated in metallic scales. T.I.M managed to secure a way to locate the file he was looking for, but Vinny revived Cobrey, who attempted to stop him. T.I.M shot both Percy (another guard) and Cobrey, blowing the gangster’s brains out across the desktop. Unfortunately, before he could escape, T.I.M was vaporized by an exploding fire extinguisher. Grond held his own against Bly and Fitch, though the arrival of emergency response teams cut the fight short. Grond was taken into custody by a special tactics unit. T.I.M, reincarnated through his backup copy, pursued the captors to the F.B.I base at Ford Munitions Plant, where it was revealed the man in charge of the operation was none other than Antonio Towers, the man in charge of the A.I. Program during the Cold War. Grond decided to join forces with his captors, while T.I.M broadcast his signal and located the target – a flash drive belonging to Cobrey, now carried by Fitch.
At about this time, Cross arrived at the private marina – just a short distance from the munitions plant. His charges had been kidnapped, and though he killed all three men guarding them, they were set on fire. I’m sure there’s a joke about flaming hookers here somewhere. At any rate, Bly, Fitch, and T.I.M all arrived at the marina at the same time. Fitch planned to turn the flash drive over to an unidentified operative, but T.I.M arrived just in time. He ran a car into Viscera, hurling himself through the windshield to zip into the device and destroy its contents.
At that moment, Grond arrived with James Fenris and his commando teams. A firefight ensued, and in the course all the nameless extras were killed. Bly, Fitch, and their contact escaped, but not before Fitch incinerated T.I.M. Fenris and Grond confronted Cross, and after a brief altercation and a missile from a helicopter, the F.B.I took Cross into custody.

Unlikely Heroes In A City of Mysteries
The plot - and the blood - thickens

When Karen Cartwright awoke she assumed it would just be another day of chasing cold leads and writing reports – little did she know how cold they were. She was dispatched to the mayor’s residence, where the police informed her of a triple homicide – the mayor himself and two ‘escorts’. The call-girl’s pimp, Aiden Cross, was called in as a suspect, while neurology specialist Professor Charles Grond came in as a consultant. The unlikely trio tracked the murder weapon, a cryogenics device, to Professor Minu Attar, one of Grond’s colleagues. She claimed the device had been stolen, but the detectives weren’t convinced. After tracking down the murderer and unsuccessfully attempting to apprehend her in an apartment building downtown, they followed the clues back to the errant Professor. Minu Attar, now clad in her Cold Steel armor, was forced to confront them. Together, the trio incapactiated the her and she was taken into custody by Karen’s employers.


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