• Aiden Cross

    Aiden Cross

    Under the guise of a low-life pimp, Cross is a demon in human form, exiled to earth when he was betrayed by his partner.
  • Karen Cartwright

    Karen Cartwright

    Trained from a young age to be the perfect assasin, Karen will stop at nothing to avenge her parent's murder.
  • Professor Charles Grond

    Professor Charles Grond

    A neurologist working for LSU, Professor Grond is host to an alien organism slowly turning him to stone.
  • T.I.M


    A military AI from the Cold War, T.I.M is the ultimate computer - one that thinks for itself.
  • Andre Pajari

    Andre Pajari

    A local arms dealer with an itchy trigger finger, Andre shoots first and collects cash later.
  • Brad Fitch aka Red Devil

    Brad Fitch aka Red Devil

    Holding the ability to create fire in his hands has gone to this lowlife's head.
  • Chief Adam Derman

    Chief Adam Derman

    Chief of the Portsbridge Police Department, Derman has been accused of corruption, but thus far no charges have stuck.
  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel

    Professor Minu Attar took on the guise of assassin Cold Steel to exact revenge on the men responsible for her husband's death
  • Gregory Ballast

    Gregory Ballast

    Running for mayor on an environmentalist platform
  • Henry Bosk

    Henry Bosk

    Karen's handler
  • James Fenris

    James Fenris

    Karen's boyfriend and a loyal member of her organization.
  • Jim Bishop

    Jim Bishop

    This Agency medic is a huge fan of Karen
  • Kaiden Bly aka Viscera

    Kaiden Bly aka Viscera

    Using bits of material from the asteroid, this reclusive loner underwent a shocking transition
  • Lachie MacGuffin

    Lachie MacGuffin

    Owner and bartender of MacGuffin's, one of the most successful bars in the Portsbridge area.
  • Merrit Peck

    Merrit Peck

    Investigative Journalist with the Belwood Gazette
  • Raven Madd

    Raven Madd

    Purely, Utterly Insane
  • Tanya Mishov

    Tanya Mishov

    Research Assistant to Professor Grond
  • Tim Shockley

    Tim Shockley

    Running for mayor on a platform of social justice.
  • Vinny Naismith

    Vinny Naismith

    Sole survivor of the security guards involved in the battle at Shatter, Vinny will probably spend the rest of his days in a rubber room
  • Warner Cobrey aka Discord

    Warner Cobrey aka Discord

    A gangster 'afflicted' with a sonic shout that can disable other's powers