Hero's Genesis

Unlikely Heroes In A City of Mysteries

The plot - and the blood - thickens

When Karen Cartwright awoke she assumed it would just be another day of chasing cold leads and writing reports – little did she know how cold they were. She was dispatched to the mayor’s residence, where the police informed her of a triple homicide – the mayor himself and two ‘escorts’. The call-girl’s pimp, Aiden Cross, was called in as a suspect, while neurology specialist Professor Charles Grond came in as a consultant. The unlikely trio tracked the murder weapon, a cryogenics device, to Professor Minu Attar, one of Grond’s colleagues. She claimed the device had been stolen, but the detectives weren’t convinced. After tracking down the murderer and unsuccessfully attempting to apprehend her in an apartment building downtown, they followed the clues back to the errant Professor. Minu Attar, now clad in her Cold Steel armor, was forced to confront them. Together, the trio incapactiated the her and she was taken into custody by Karen’s employers.



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